Most sex toys are fragile enough objects, but it's up to you how long you can honestly use them. You should keep in mind not only hygiene rules but also ones that reveal what special environmental hazards or even what lubricants should be avoided. If you follow these rules, your sex toys will serve you for a long time and give you the best emotions.


  1. Cleaning. First of all, you must remember that you always have erotic goods in a clean and dry place. Both before and after use, clean the toy with special cleaners or lukewarm water with soap - this will prevent bacteria from accumulating and entering your body.


  1. Batteries. If you are not going to use your sex toy for a while, remove the batteries and store them separately. By the way, do not choose cheap, high-power batteries - they will not only last longer, but also provide the desired intensity.


  1. Lubricant. Avoid using the toy with the wrong lubricants. This is important for those who have silicone and oil-based lubricants in their collection. all: silicone-based lubricants are not suitable for silicone toys, they can damage their surface. Oil-based lubricant is not recommended for frequent use on erotic goods, as the composition is not the most basic for most materials. However, this lubricant is suitable for plastic, metal and glass sex toys.


  1. Water. If your accessory is not waterproof, keep it away from moisture. the latest information is given on the package (written Waterproof), and for a while, people forget, confuse toys, etc. If you like erotic games in the bath, shower, etc. - make sure what you buy is intended for use in water. By the way, using toys in the water is fun, and using them in the bath can be a great way to hide them from your family or people you live with.


  1. Tightness. Before using the sex toy in the water, check well that you have sealed the batteries well. Even the smallest remaining crack can damage the product.


  1. Settlements. Some sex toys, for example, made of imitation leather, should come with conversations. Especially - masturbation sleeves and vaginas, helps to prevent adhesion and sticking of surfaces.


  1. Colors. Latex and rubber sex toys should be stored separately from gel devices to prevent colour fading.

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