When it comes to the world of sex toys, butt plugs are one of those toys that are often scared to try, this may be because there is still quite a bit of taboo around the subject. But anal toys are a very popular choice for people of any gender and orientation if they want to experience anal pleasure, and for a reason. In fact, anal plugs can provide a lot of pleasure both in solo games and with a partner. It's worth gathering some information, and then you can decide whether anal plugs are right for you.


What are anal plugs for?


Butt plugs are used by people in a variety of ways: some wear them at home or out of the house and it excites them because some toys are perfect for it and are specially designed for this purpose. Other people like to wear them during sex or masturbation.


For women, anal toys will put additional pressure on the vaginal canal. It gives a feeling of tightness during penetration, and it often gives extra pleasure to partners and women themselves.


The plugs are prostate massagers designed for men. Different plugs will provide different stimulation: they can be inserted and pulled out, rotated or even felt the pleasure of moving your own body. It depends on the shape of the pin, and the simplest pin will give a sense of fullness and stretch.


So why do anal plugs give pleasure?


In fact, there are many small nerves in the anus, which makes the sensation really pleasurable, especially if anal play is combined with other sexual activities.


People often don't know that during orgasm the anus also contracts rhythmically along with the muscles in the pelvic area, and the anal plug inside during orgasm makes it stronger. Also, people often think that anal play has to be very intense or extreme (well, unless you want it to be). Most butt plugs are actually quite soft and provide a nice and gentle sensation, so if you're interested in anal play, the butt plug can be a great place to start.


Where to start?


Most people have no trouble starting with a thin, entry-size plug, so if you want to try it out and see what it feels like to be with an anal plug, that's where you should start.


Anal plugs can be a wonderful addition to your sex life, even if you don't use them as training before anal sex. Many believe that anal toys are designed for this purpose. Pulling the pin is the most fun and enjoyable part. Try this: keep the anal toy in your anus until you stimulate your genitals, and when you're close to orgasm, pull the anal toy out, just don't rush or do it too quickly. The orgasm will be unique!


Other tips


To make anal pleasure not only pleasant but also safe, use plugs with a flat base and a large base that is comfortable to hold. And don't forget to use plenty of lube, it's essential when using anal toys!


The anus does not lubricate, so a large amount of lubricant is necessary. Keep lube close by as you will definitely need a refill. Also, remember that if your anal toy is made of silicone, don't use silicone-based lubricants, as they can damage the material of the toy. A water-based lubricant is the best choice.


What else to pay attention to when choosing an anal plug?


Choose only materials that are safe for the body - high-quality medical silicone, glass, medical steel, aluminium and ceramics. Avoid plastic, gel material, and rubber, as these materials are quite porous and more difficult to maintain.


If this interests you, head straight to your nearest sex shop and ask for anal plugs for starters. It is possible that this toy will become your favourite.

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