It's no secret that men get excited faster than women, and sexual intercourse can begin almost immediately after the first passionate kiss. The structure of a woman's body is more complex, so it takes much longer to get sexually aroused. A man has to be extremely patient and ready for a long session of caressing. Research results show that it takes even 20 or a little more minutes for the woman to become excited and for the secretion to be released from her vagina naturally. Therefore, the lover should be ready to gently but passionately caress the partner's neck, shoulders, chest, torso and other most sensitive areas, because only thanks to him, the maximum excitement will flood the beloved's body.


There are many reasons why both men and women can't get excited naturally. One of the simplest is that the partner does not have any desire to have sex at the moment, is tired or is under a lot of stress inside, so he cannot even think about sexual pleasures. Somewhat more serious reasons are the use of narcotics or certain medical medications that suppress sexual instincts. In old age, especially during menopause, many women complain of decreased sexual desire and fear that they will never again be able to enjoy the warmth of their beloved man's body and passionate nights of love.


Darlings, there is no reason to worry! These days, when life moves at a tremendous speed and it seems that due to the uncontrollable flow of time we can hardly manage to achieve all our goals, modern technology and the sex industry are booming. Therefore, it offers a wide variety of tools that improve friction during sexual intercourse.


The simplest, easy-to-reach tool is lubricants. It is an excellent tool that facilitates penetration and provides exceptional sensations. As you know, they come in many types, and flavors and can provide different feelings/effects. Over time, you can try many of them and choose the ones you like the most. However, it is not for nothing that they say: Life is short, so you need to live and enjoy this day and try things and sensations that have not yet been known. Therefore, according to this saying, you don't have to wait for tomorrow, lubricants with effects will brighten your senses and give you more pleasure. But which of them, heating or cooling, should you choose?


Heating lubricants. Without a doubt, it will provide exceptional, unusual sensations. Your most secret place will instantly be flooded with a pleasant wave of heat. The heat will awaken the dormant passion and lust the flame. This type of lubricant can be used by both men and women, using them together will give both partners more pleasure. Lubricants are made of substances tested by medical tests, they are usually odourless, colourless (if needed, you can purchase products with a certain smell and taste), and do not leave stains. Therefore, if you are tempted to try this type of sex product, we recommend lubricants nanami water based lubricant hot effectnuei cosmetics hot oil heat effect bubblegum aromasensuva on arousal balm stimulator and etc.


Cooling lubricants. Both of your bodies are pulsing with heat and you don't know what could cool them down. Lubricants with a cooling effect come to the rescue! The pleasant effect of freshness and mint will be provided by the lubricant Lubricant Ice, which will allow you to relax and forget all the worries of the day. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy not only the pleasures of sex but also an erotic massage. A cold breeze will blow by using nanami water-based lubricant cold effect and etc. As mentioned before, these lubricants are also easy to use, so they will not cause discomfort or unpleasant sensations. The sense of smell will not be irritated by an unpleasant smell, and you will not find unwanted stains on your body and clothes.

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