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If you're one of those women who doesn't orgasm with just penetration, then congratulations, because about 80 %  of women do. Therefore, in order to reach orgasm, you need to stimulate the clitoris. To help you and your partner understand how to stimulate you, it's worth going back to the basics and learning this and that.

Try moving in a circle

For some women, consistency of movement is more important than an increased pace. To test this theory, use one or two fingers and make firm circular motions at the tip of the clitoris. You can play around with the tempo, but once you find something you're comfortable with, try to repeat it for at least a few minutes.

Try a gentle slap

The motion should again be quite firm, but this time try tapping. This motion can tire your hand after a while, but it allows you to play with different pressures. Do you like gentle pats, or a little stronger, or do you like rubbing?

Try using both hands

With one hand, move slowly in circles near the vagina, but do not penetrate, and with the other hand move a little faster on the clitoris. This stimulation may be just what you need.

Lie on your stomach

If you like rubbing your clitoris against surfaces, you should try lying on your stomach. This will allow you to use both hands, and you can also rub against a pillow or blanket for extra stimulation.

Try a vibrator

This option is convenient for those whose hands tire especially quickly, or if your nails are too long. In fact, vibrators are for everyone. They are great for experimentation, as many toys have different rates and types of vibration.

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