We are obsessed with size, especially with penises. But is size really the most important anatomical factor when it comes to vaginal sex? Are these suggestions giving men anxiety? Our understanding of sex has been influenced by the porn industry: they say that sex should be violent and fast, only penetration is enough for a woman to have an orgasm, and the clitoris remains forgotten.


So, what does this do to our sex lives? For example, according to 45% of men surveyed, their penises do not grow. Almost 68% of them say their erections are between 11.5cm and 15cm and only 2.5% said their penises reach 17.5cm during erection. So, can a man with 11 centimetres match a man with 17 centimetres in bed?


The size of the vagina is just as important as the size of the penis


Good sex does not depend only on the size of the penis, it also depends on the cervix of the partners. The vaginal canal is usually 7 to 12 centimetres wide, depending on the height of the cervix. You can enter If your longest finger, your cervix is high, it means that you will like a longer penis that has reached your G-spot.


This means that the owner of a longer penis can give pleasure to a certain vagina, but what about the volume? When the vagina is relaxed and empty, the walls of the vagina touch each other. When you insert something into it, such as a penis or a finger, the part of the wall moves, creating space for penetration. If you insert a finger into the vagina and press the walls with it, you will feel how soft, moist and flexible they are. When the finger is withdrawn, the vagina returns to its original position.


You might think that penis size doesn't make much of a difference. but you are wrong. The walls of the vagina are more sensitive to pressure than touch, so the more the vagina is filled, the more pleasant the feeling for the partner during penetration. Thus, a long and skinny penis gives less pleasure than a thicker and shorter one. A thicker penis will always make a woman feel full.


So, size really does matter, at least in concrete terms. However, men with small or skinny penises are not excited, as 90% of women say they rarely or never experience orgasms with only vaginal penetration. In addition, 84% of women say that their partner's penis size suits them.


Expectations are important


Many women can orgasm regardless of penis size, meaning that sex is about more than just penetration. However, if a man has a big dick, he may think that a big dick is enough to satisfy a woman and make her scream. Unfortunately, the woman may start screaming because the large penis causes pain. Porn has taught us a lot of unrealistic expectations about sex, but how does that affect our sex lives in real life?


The influence of western culture on how a woman's body should look is a big problem for women. The same effect affects men's sexual performance and destroys self-confidence. Ever since we started talking about sex, from biblical times to sex education, we have been taught that a man penetrates a woman and usually does so in a position where the man is active and the woman remains passive. Also, it's normal to talk about men's orgasms, but not women. Almost all adults believe that the pleasure of men is more important than the pleasure of women.


Achieving orgasm on average, it takes a man three minutes, while women take from 20 to 90 minutes. In society, it is normal that control and penetration are the most important. However, there are other ways to be masculine and have comfortable sex, and it's easier to understand if a man starts exploring his whole body, his penis.


Research is important


The study found that gender roles and expectations reduce sexual pleasure, and that it encourages women to "give in" to be "masculine". Reversing gender roles can be sexually liberating and can also be an expression of love in a couple. Maybe take up anal games to try something new and test your feelings?


When he understands the feeling of penetration, he can better understand his partner's experience, which can bring him closer. We are more vulnerable during sex because it gives us a lot of emotions. If a man experienced this during sex (we are talking about penetration), he could feel more open to breaking gender rules.


All men can benefit from exploring the practical pleasure of size without vaginal penetration, regardless of their penis. Oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation with hands or toys can help you get rid of false fantasies and forget them. Size may matter, anatomically speaking, but good sex (and orgasm) depends on communication, understanding, mutual exploration and respect, all body shapes or penis sizes.

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