Many people have a back-up plan in case the main one fails. In most cases, this is reasonable. But when it comes to love, having a backup plan for a relationship can be a bit more complicated. 

A 2015 study found that college-aged women have a plan B for relationships, and nearly two-thirds of college students who are in a relationship say they have a backup plan. So, it's common whether you're in a relationship or not. Even people who are completely satisfied and happy in their relationships do this, as do those who are not satisfied with their relationships. This usually means that the person is afraid of intimacy and openness with their partner and believes that such a backup plan will protect them from being hurt.

A backup plan can protect you from real closeness and connection with your current partner. Many people have a plan B when they have conflicted feelings about their current partner. If you've already got one foot in the door, there must be a reason why you don't want to fully commit to your current relationship. It is believed that there are many pairs that are compatible, but some combinations make people happier, more fulfilled and have healthier relationships. If you don't feel like your current partner is "the one," maybe your backup plan is?

You can be yourself with him

It's very hard to be fully understood in a relationship when you feel like you can't fully be yourself. Being with "the one" means you never feel the need to hide anything your partner might not like. If you can be yourself, then he is most likely the right partner for you. However, if you're dating with Plan A because it just has to work out and it's the logical choice, then it's worth considering ending the relationship.

You are friends

2016 - A recent study conducted in New York revealed that many women choose a close friend as a backup plan. A strong friendship is one of the most important ingredients in a relationship. A good friend just understands you and always supports you. A great partner is wonderful. But when you know you can always count on him and always get the support you need, that's a great indicator that you've found "the one."

You trust him completely

Trust is important in a relationship. You cannot have a successful relationship without it. When there is trust in a relationship, there will never be questions about the partner's words and actions. You believe what your partner says and you don't look for hidden meanings. You can just relax, fully enjoy what you have and nurture the connection. Reliability, openness and good communication skills help build trust. If you completely trust the backup partner, try to see if other things work for you.

You are compatible

If you meet someone with whom you feel good chemistry and strong passion, but they live on the other side of the world, there is a good chance that the relationship will not work out. While the passion and chemistry is great, that's about it. In order for a relationship to last, you and your partner must have similar values, lifestyle and future goals. Maybe you don't see your plan B as part of your future right now, but if you're compatible, then it's worth a shot.

You have a strong connection

It is not easy to find a connection with another person. If you feel like you have a connection with your backup partner, that's a great start. The right person puts you in the right mood right away. He just knows what you need. For example, if you've had a bad day, he'll notice that you're in a bad mood and will do anything to cheer you up. He just understands.

It makes you want to be the best version of yourself

Maybe it wasn't love at first sight, and the chemistry wasn't as intense as with previous partners, but he supports you the most. The right person will not only make you feel great about being yourself, but also make you better. Such a person inspires you to take better care of yourself, supports your aspirations and supports you in general. After all, you want a partner who does this if you want the relationship to last.

Being with him is always easy

If being with him seems easy, then he might be the one for you. Notice the ease with which you can be honest... If you can easily say what you feel, you are most likely with the right person. If you never have to censor yourself or feel uncomfortable, these are signs that you feel emotionally secure. This is how you must feel when you are with the right person. If you feel more relaxed with your Plan B than with your current partner, you should consider whether you are really with that person.

People have backup plans for many reasons. If you have it because you're insecure about your current relationship, think about the qualities that your plan B has that your current partner doesn't have. And if you notice any of these signs, your backup plan is your only backup.

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