Anal sex? Yes or No? Try or not to try?

Try or not to try? The question pops up the very first time consider trying anal sex. Well, there are so many variables so the answer may be very different it depends on every experience and I would say most cases from very early or even the very first experiences you faced at. There're no guarantees you will like it, but to try you must and you will get your own experience and opinion about it. Most negative experiences came from persons who started it wrong due to switching from regular sex to anal without any experience. I would say it is like a truck trying to fit into a car garage - obviously, it will break the walls and makes the pain. In my practice is always better to go slow, no rush on this topic. My suggestion would be to start with small anal dildos, plugs or stimulators, no rush start slowly and play around with the tool - for example forward back to one side, another side, turn around, lubes must use! I can guarantee you will feel pleasure (both male and female) if do it right without rushing and lubes will help you avoid any scratches. I do not agitate you to have anal sex but it's one of the options to improve your intimate life and explore a new field, who knows maybe you find something that was missed in your life!

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