Training the muscles of love by contracting

It is very important for every woman to exercise her love muscles. This applies both to women who have given birth (who may already be familiar with similar Kegel exercises), to women who have not given birth, to those who have never had an orgasm, and to those who are seeking multiple orgasms. A woman's uterus is actually "hung" on tendons. Over the years, even in women who have not given birth, the uterus "begins to descend", causing a number of problems, such as urinary incontinence, miscarriages, pressure on important organs, etc. All of this can be prevented by training the muscles of the vagina and perineum by contracting and releasing them, because not only the muscles work, but and the tendons that support the uterus if you do it regularly and correctly.

Without contractions, muscle tone is lost, and vital energy spills out and cools the sexual area. The woman is like water and the man is like a fire element. A man has to "boil" a woman's water. A woman with a cold sexual area should, first of all, melt the water like ice and only then (if the man has enough patience) "boil" it, i.e. lead to orgasm. It happens that a man's heart is not even enough to "boil a woman's pot". So, first of all, make an effort yourself so that ice does not form there - train your vagina by contracting the muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles and their strength are of inestimable importance. Many nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes extend towards the pelvis. All acupuncture points carrying chi (vital energy) pass through this area. If it is blocked or weak, the vital energy quickly dissipates like water escaping from a hollow bucket. These muscles need to be strengthened by doing contractions, working with the "VIBRATING EGG AND KEGEL" or simply making love as often as possible.


So training the muscles of love is not just exercise after childbirth, it is the key to every woman's youthfulness.

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