Brightly coloured sex toy in its functions is not far behind the gentle caresses of a loved one in an intimate place. And even thanks to 10 different vibration modes, the body is instantly flooded with a wave of satisfaction, so we think every woman would be impressed with it. Even if you are allergic and in order to choose the right product, you have to pay close attention to its composition. This toy is made of medically tested silicone material, so it has never caused allergies or other unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it is a great salvation for people prone to allergies. Another huge plus that we couldn't not mention is that it doesn't need batteries. The vibrator is easy to charge, so from now on you don't have to worry about the batteries running out at the most inopportune time. You can charge the sex toy in just 2 hours, and you enjoy uninterrupted pleasure for a whole hour. The vibration is even 30% more intense than other intimate toys, can you believe it? Since you love intimate games in the bath, you were looking for a waterproof toy. From now on, you will boldly take it with me to the shower and enjoy it without fear that the water that gets inside will instantly ruin it. It is also a great companion for various trips or outings. If you often have to visit foreign countries for work, you always can take Lelo Ora to make your day. Since its appearance is extremely discreet, even when checking luggage at the airport, no one will suspect the real purpose of the toy. The quality of the product is emphasized and a one-year warranty is provided, so you should know that if the vibrator breaks, there are opportunity to get money back. We also strongly suggest to all women and girls not to forget the lubricant, it will definitely improve the friction and create a natural feeling of moisture.

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