The prostate massager is not only a sex toy designed for greater sexual satisfaction, but this thing is also practiced for health purposes and is recommended by doctors themselves. The prostate massager  will allow men of all ages to experience natural, but unusual sensations. If you haven't tried this sexy toy yet, you should definitely try it.

For the treatment and prevention of chronic prostatitis

Classical prostate massage with fingers has been used by doctors since the 20th century. for men with chronic prostatitis, and also this procedure is prescribed as a panacea to prevent prostate diseases in old age. Of course, even today prostate massage for men can be performed by doctors, but these days this procedure can also be successfully applied at home using sex toys designed for this purpose. The specially curved shape of this massager allows you to easily reach the prostate gland and by stimulating it, blood circulation in the anus is improved and for this reason penile stagnation can be avoided. Stagnation causes adenomas, prostate inflammation or even impotence. Impaired penile function and erectile dysfunction are usually associated with blood circulation problems, so prostate massage can be an excellent means of treatment or prevention in this regard. During the procedure, the pleasure caused by the massaged nerve endings in the prostate area is felt. And although prostate massagers were primarily created for the purpose of improving health, this toy gives many men indescribable pleasure during sex or masturbation. Isn't it amazing how you can combine indescribable pleasure and take care of your sexual health at the same time?

How to find the prostate?

The standard size of the prostate is slightly smaller than a walnut and it is located just below the bladder. The prostate gland is massaged at a height of 4-5 cm from the beginning of the anus.

Preparation for massage

  1. If you have decided to buy a prostate massager for health purposes and have never tried this toy before, then it is best to choose a classic massager without additional functions.
  2. You will also need lubricant. It is best to choose anal lubricants intended for this purpose. However, a water-based anal lubricant can also be used. The most important thing is to pay attention to what material the toy itself is made of. If you choose a silicone toy, do not use a silicone-based lubricant with it!
  3. Empty your bladder and bowels before performing prostate massage.
  4. Observe hygiene and wash the massager every time with soap and warm water. If the massager is electronic and not waterproof, then simply wipe it with a cloth or use toy disinfectants. For hygiene purposes, this toy can be used with a condom. Wash your hands thoroughly before performing the massage.
  5. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and relax.
  6. Apply a little lubricant to the toy and the anal area and gently and very slowly insert the tip of the toy into the anus. Your first task is to get the toy used to your body.
  7. When you feel that the toy goes in smoothly, play. Insert and pull out the massager again, choose the desired depth and intensity. You can also make sideways movements with the toy. You will definitely feel which movements and intensity are the most suitable for you. As you feel that the toy is giving you more and more pleasure, don't be surprised if your prostate becomes harder and bigger. The orgasm will also last longer and be more intense.
  8. Wash and disinfect the toy after the session.

Duration and frequency of massage

Usually, one massage lasts 10 - 15 minutes, and it is recommended to use the prostate massager three times a week, for 1 - 2 months. After a month or two, repeat the course of massages.

Remember! If you suffer from haemorrhoids, have a fever or have other ailments, you will consult a urologist regarding the contraindications of prostate massage.

A significant number of men are sceptical about prostate massage, because for them it causes associations with the intimate life of bisexual men. But remember, there's nothing shameful about taking care of your health and your manhood. If you are too shy to try this toy that is beneficial for your health and new experiences, or if you feel awkward in front of your friend, you can also choose universal toys, such as the curious dildo. This toy is adapted to male and female anatomy and is intended for more universal use.

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