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This innovative and technologically advanced product, Bathmate, utilizes hydraulic force to safely and effectively develop and enlarge your penis. With its powerful suction capabilities, Bathmate can surpass other devices in increasing the size and hardness of the corpora cavernosa, resulting in discreet and peaceful growth in the privacy of your bathtub or shower.


  • - Up to 7 cm in length.
  • - Up to 30% thicker.
  • - Up to 40% more volume.

Thousands of men who have already enjoyed Bathmate have been pleasantly surprised by the quick results achieved. By using Bathmate we can get the extra length and thickness we have always wanted. Perhaps you didn't know that you could significantly increase the size of your penis, in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom with amazing results, in just 15 to 20 minutes per day for 6 weeks.

With Bathmate you will get a much thicker, longer and healthier penis, giving you permanent gains, which can be enjoyed forever! Many men are using this device right now, sitting in their bathtub or shower...getting instant, effective, and fast-progressing results only with Bathmate.

How is it used?

1) Begin by filling a bathtub with water.

2) Submerge the Bathmate in the water until it becomes completely filled. Then, place your penis inside and rest it at the base of your pelvis.

3) Repeatedly push the Bathmate towards yourself to activate the hydraulic contraction mechanism and create a vacuum effect. As water is expelled through the upper valve, you will feel an increase in pressure and your penis will expand.

4) Rest for five minutes once you can no longer pump any more. The ideal vacuum level is reached when you are unable to expel additional water from the Bathmate.

5) Repeat the pumping process every four to five minutes, taking breaks in between. This is necessary to maintain the vacuum effect, as each compression cycle reaches a point where no more water can be extracted.

6) If the pressure becomes too intense, release the top valve slightly while in water to prevent air from entering. After using the Bathmate for 15-20 minutes, release

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