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Oscillating technology with vibrations and performance totally different from traditional for man. Winki is a male masturbator that will revolutionize male masturbation of completely new man in the category of pleasure product for man.

  • Created, analyzed and thought through medical research and patented, Winki is a powerful and effective male masturbator that adapts completely to the penis by wrapping it in oscillating vibrations.
  • Rechargeable, USB included
  • 10 vibration patterns
  • 100% Soft and silky silicone.
  • 1 Backlit control button that activates or deactivates the vibration after three consecutive seconds by pressing.

Also thought to be used as a couple for both, be heterosexual or homosexual.
Winki provides more intense orgasms in man, using it in pairs the preliminary games will become the center of the function.

It can be used with the erect or flaccid penis, it is rechargeable through a USB charger included and is available in one size.

The vibrator is powered by a battery inside that has a built-in recharge accumulator. The recharging process works through an included USB charger that uses fast charging technology in less than 2 hours.

Made with phthalate-free anti-allergenic silicone.
1 year full warranty.

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